Achieve all your business goals through digital transformation

We help businesses across the entire spectrum of financial services - banking, payments, insurance, wealth and asset management, and capital markets.

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Develop top-quality products

Our product development service goes hand in hand with our others such as project management, quality assurance, and consulting.

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Easily manage all processes

Whether you need software creation or software project management, we provide exquisite project management services to numerous clients across the globe.

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Custom, tailor-made software for complete brand transformation

You name it, we make it. Whatever kind of software you're in need of, our development experts will deliver a future-proof solution.

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Ensure the highest quality of your products and services

You're looking to avoid costly bugs and errors? We'll help you polish your code and UX until your customers say everything is perfect!

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Maximize the chance for the success of your FinTech business

We'll provide you with limitless support and guidance while developing action plans and implementing them in your FinTech business.

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We are the leading digital transformation consulting company focusing on FinTech solutions, high-level product management, and impeccable software development and design. With more than 15 years of hands-on experience, we've obtained the exact knowledge and skills your company needs to successfully go digital.

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Trovi, all-in-one platform for businesses - Lumen Spei case study
Croatian Post's game changing parcel locker, Paketomat.
Lumenbot - virtual assistant for Croatian public sector - Lumen Spei case study
Innovamare - Blue economy pioneer - Lumen Spei case study
E-office - MojUred - ERP-like system, Lumen Spei case study
Delivery plugin for GLS and DPD - Lumen Spei case study
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Explore the Lumen Spei NFT collection, inspired by our firm commitment to Web 3.0. Take advantage of our unique bonus value and trade it in for our specialized services. Web 3.0 NFT collection – the next generation of communication and collaboration.

Lumen spei NFT collection

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