Web 3.0

Web 3.0 and Blockchain

Discover the future of the internet with Lumen Spei. We build complex, innovative solutions for trusted brands. From building a Metaverse to developing an entirely new blockchain - we are ready to take up any challenge. 

Our Most Popular Web 3.0 Services

Smart Contract Development

We develop smart contracts according to customer requirements to ensure all conditions and protocols work flawlessly.
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Custom Blockchain Development

We develop completely new blockchain networks, fully aligned with our client's needs.
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Metaverse Development

Our experts are experienced in creating entirely new worlds filled with rich experiences for B2C and B2B businesses.
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DEX Development

Developing decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges across various blockchains is one of our main specialites.
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NFT Collection Development

We design beautiful NFTs that stand out in the sea of look-alike projects created without purpose.
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Blockchain-powered Tools

Our Web 3.0 professionals build blockchain-powered tools for numerous applications, from assembling smart contracts to designing NFTs.
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Blockchain Analytics

We will help you measure all important business-related metrics on your blockchain platform with our custom-built analytics solution.
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dApp Development

Whatever kind of decentralized app you need, our team can design and develop it flawlessly. Regardless of the industry, we have the experience and expertise.
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What is Web 3.0
  • Web3 is decentralized: instead of large swathes of the internet controlled and owned by centralized entities, ownership gets distributed amongst its builders and users.
  • Web3 is permissionless: everyone has equal access to participate in Web3, and no one gets excluded.
  • Web3 has native payments: it uses cryptocurrency for spending and sending money online instead of relying on the outdated infrastructure of banks and payment processors.
  • Web3 is trustless: it operates using incentives and economic mechanisms instead of relying on trusted third-parties.
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Why is Web 3.0 Important?


Web 3.0 gives you complete ownership of your digital assets. Absolutely no one has the power to take away your ownership.

Censorship Resistance

Your data lives on the blockchain. In case you, as a platform user, decide to leave a platform, you can take your reputation and data with you and plug into another platform.


In Web 3.0, you can own the platform as a collective and use tokens that act like shares in a company. DAOs let you coordinate decentralized platform ownership and make decisions about its future.


Web 3.0 allows you to control your digital identity with an Ethereum address and ENS profile, providing a single login across multiple platforms - secure, anonymous, and censorship-resistant.

Native payments

Web 3.0 uses tokens like ETH to send money directly to the browser and requires no trusted third party. No banks and payment processors.
The Benefits of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 makes the web more intelligent, secure, and transparent, resulting in more efficient browsing and effective machine-human interaction.

  • The end-users will get the most significant advantage of data encryption to protect their information from disclosure.
  • Decentralized data storage will ensure that the data is accessible to users. Users will get multiple backups, which benefits them even in the event of server failure
  • Regardless of which blockchain platform end-users use, they will track their data and inspect the code behind the platform.

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