In the current digital era, steering a business toward growth requires a comprehensive understanding of digital maturity. It’s more than just integrating the latest technologies into your operations; it’s about aligning technology with strategy, culture, and customer experience. The road to digital excellence may appear daunting, but with the right tools, it becomes a journey toward unprecedented business growth and innovation. 

One such remarkable tool is the Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment Tool at, created by our company Lumen Spei Ltd, and optimized by our CEO Krunoslav Ris, a seasoned expert in leading organizations through the digital transformation maze.

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The Digital Transformation Tool is designed to measure an organization’s digital maturity across various critical dimensions. It does so by delving into six key areas, each represented by a set of questions aimed at uncovering the depth of your digital integration and readiness for the future. 

The journey begins with just a few clicks but leads to a profound understanding of where you stand in the digital readiness level and what steps are essential to lead you forward.

Digital Transformation Assessment Maturity Tool

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Let’s dive into the eight steps that constitute the core of our tool:

  1. General Information (4 questions): The assessment begins by gathering basic information about your organization. Though brief, this segment lays the groundwork for a personalized analysis.
  2. Customer Experience and Relations (14 questions): Here, the tool explores how digital initiatives have been employed to enhance customer interactions and satisfaction. It’s about understanding the digital touchpoints that impact customer journeys.
  3. Strategy (16 questions): This segment scrutinizes the alignment between your digital initiatives and organizational strategy. It delves into how well-prepared your strategy is to harness the digital wave.
  4. Technology (15 questions): Technology is the linchpin of digital transformation. This step evaluates your technological infrastructure, its alignment with your goals, and its readiness to support future advancements.
  5. Operations (15 questions): Here, the focus shifts to operational processes, assessing the integration of digital technologies in streamlining operations and fostering agility.
  6. Culture (15 questions): A digital-friendly culture is crucial for transformation. This segment evaluates the organizational mindset and readiness to adapt to digital changes.
  7. Data (15 questions): In the digital realm, data is king. This step evaluates your data management practices, analytics capabilities, and how data-driven insights are utilized for decision-making.
  8. Compliance and Risk Management (15 questions): This segment assesses your compliance and risk management practices in a digital environment, ensuring that digital initiatives meet regulatory standards and are secure.

Upon completing this detailed assessment, the tool calculates your Digital Maturity Score, a numerical representation of your digital readiness. But it doesn’t just stop at providing a score; it offers tailored recommendations to bridge the gaps identified during the assessment.

These actionable insights are instrumental in fine-tuning your digital strategies, ensuring that every digital investment leads you closer to your organizational goals.

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Moreover, the tool provides an opportunity to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our company’s CEO himself. With 25+ years of experience in the tech industry, the insights that you will receive for free, are extremely valuable and exact guiding light in navigating the often blurry waters of digital transformation.

In addition, the assessment paves the way to both action and education plan – with the exclusive book titled “Digital Transformation Cheat Sheet: Book for Executives and Managers“. This book, available on Amazon, is a “shortcut” manual designed especially for C-level executives who are leading their organizations through the digital revolution. Like a crash course, but with information that is not at all basic and “googlable” ” it will provide you with all you need to know about digital transformation, including a roadmap for executives to create a digital-friendly culture, streamline operations, and ultimately achieve digital maturity of their businesses.

What is DxReadiness?

The Digital Maturity Assessment Tool is more than just a diagnostic instrument; it’s a partner in your digital transformation journey. It’s about having a clear mirror that reflects two things. 

  • Where you stand as a company with an in-depth analysis of your digital readiness.
  • The clear path toward achieving digital excellence. 

The insights you receive from this free tool are invaluable when writing your company’s digital narrative that both resonates with your organizational capabilities, culture, and market dynamics.

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Embracing the Digital Transformation Tool is embracing a future of endless possibilities, growth, and a solid competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The journey toward digital maturity is a strategic one. With guidance from Lumen Spei and the data-driven insights from the assessment tool, you are well on your way to becoming a digital powerhouse in your industry. At the end of the assessment, you can easily schedule a free consultation, and for those who are in a hurry and know they need one – we are giving you the link for a free consultation right away! 

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Krunoslav Ris

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