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Read more about how our expert team at Lumen Spei helped our clients reach new levels of business success! With more than 15 years of hands-on experience in project management, we've helped our clients with both long-term strategic projects and smaller short-term projects. 

To ensure your project ends up successfully, we'll provide you with complete end-to-end support and take care of every single aspect of the project's life cycle - from concept to definition, implementation, and handover. 

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Croatian Post's game changing parcel locker, Paketomat.


Croatian Post’s game changing parcel locker

Find out how we helped Croatian Post take advantage of digital technologies to ensure its customers have top-notch postal services at their disposal!

Trovi - all-in-one business platform - Lumen Spei case study


Discover Trovi, a one-stop-shop for businesses

Learn more about Trovi and how we helped shape the features of this extraordinary platform. Whatever size of your company – you’ll want to check out Trovi! 


Deliver your products faster with GLS & DPD Delivery plugin

Find out how we developed a unique WooCommerce plugin that can help you automate the entire product labeling process and ensure high-quality shipping!

LumenBot case study - Virtua. assistant for Croatian public sector - Lumen Spei


Virtual assistant of the Croatian public sector

Take a look at how our LumenBot found its way around Croatian public sector and what features can organizations expect from a chatbot such as LumenBot!


Innovamare – Pioneer in the blue economy’s development

Find out how Innovamare helped strengthen the blue economy and tackle all of its challenges by implementing innovative blue technologies. Check it out!

MojUred - eOffice - Lumen Spei case study


Completely control your organization with the e-Office application

Discover e-Office, an ERP-like system that enables you to handle all employees, documents, and accounting needs simply through a single platform.


Reimagining the Croatian Digital Chamber

Croatian Digital Chamber today represents a go-to platform for all aspiring and successful entrepreneurs in Croatia. Find out how we helped make it happen!

Lumen Spei built an innovative credit reporting platform on blockchain


Meet Factiiv – The Disruptor of The Credit Reporting Industry

Learn how Lumen Spei built Factiiv, a Web 3.0 platform intending to disrupt a $50 billion industry!