LumenBot is a unique product developed by our team at Lumen Spei. With LumenBot, we aim to improve online communications between businesses and consumers through personalization, allowing each user to obtain the information they require from the organization’s virtual assistant.

LumenBot virtual assistant leverages the latest technologies to assist public sector organizations in engaging with their consumers more efficiently, swiftly, and effortlessly across digital platforms.

LumenBot virtual assistant - Lumen Spei case study

The main challenges

One of the main reasons why we decided to develop LumenBot was the need for Croatia’s public organizations to be more efficient and transparent across their communication channels. A huge number of users send numerous inquiries to public organizations on a daily basis, and sometimes the most efficient solution for such organizations doesn’t require human intervention.

LumenBot users report an improvement in the quality of contact with their users, as well as a reduction in the time spent addressing citizen queries. With LumenBot, online communication becomes more engaging, and consumers no longer have to wait for information from the organization, but can instead locate it with the assistance of a virtual assistant.

Organizations that have deployed a tailored virtual assistant will have more content and informed users in the long run than those that continue to employ outmoded communication techniques. Furthermore, the time they have spent thus far communicating with each user individually may now be devoted to other critical operations inside the organization.


LumenBot delivers a certain level of interactivity to most organizations that utilize multiple web channels and technologies to provide information to their target audience. Our virtual assistant adapts to the requirements of users and helps organizations and users communicate more effectively.

LumenBot - Lumen Spei case study

Why is LumenBot special when compared to its competitors? 

Unlike other chatbots, LumenBot is focused on achieving the highest level of personalization. That way, it can efficiently answer all the needs users of a certain organization have. As one single approach can’t be appropriate for multiple organizations, LumenBot will analyze the existing communication processes and user habits to improve its interaction and nurture a community of satisfied users.

LumenBot chatbot - Lumen Spei case study

LumenBot can be used for a variety of situations

You can use LumenBot in all the phases and on all digital platforms used by your target users. Depending on the organization, LumenBot can completely replace human interaction and significantly lower your expenses. Also, LumenBot is capable of providing users with complete and accurate information at any time, enabling them to save their time whenever they need to obtain some information.


Implement LumenBot wherever you need it

Be it a company website, social media profile, or any other direct digital communication channel, LumenBot can be easily implemented. So far, we’ve seen numerous implementations on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram. From the company perspective, it has the ability to eliminate any online communication issue and it allows companies to get closer with their users through an interactive and personalized approach.


Measure LumenBot’s efficiency

Many chatbots, including LumenBot, come with a set of tools that help you measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the chatbot implementation. Tools that can help you measure the results of your chatbot’s activities usually differ with their features and pricing plans, but most of them allow you to measure basic metrics such as the number of inquiries, user evaluation after an interaction, and other primary data.

LumenBot chatbot - Lumen Spei case study

Who can use the LumenBot? 

We’ve developed LumenBot primarily with our public organizations in mind. Cities, municipalities, counties, and tourist boards are guaranteed to reap the most benefits. LumenBot has the ability to facilitate the communication process and user navigation on digital platforms of every public organization in Croatia. Also, it will provide users with accurate and up-to-date information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain on their own.


The Croatian Digital Chamber implemented LumenBot

We have incorporated LumenBot into the system of the Croatian Digital Chamber, which we will be using as an example to demonstrate how it works.

LumenBot implementation is built on three components: creation, integration, and optimization. During the creation process, processes that are designed and adapted just for you are produced. Processes are questions that you would want your LumenBot to answer.

LumenBot chatbot - Lumen Spei case study

The integration process begins when the necessary customized processes are created. LumenBot is installed and activated on your interface or interfaces during integration. You’ll see the numerous advantages of utilizing it once it’s up and running. The necessity for human contact is reduced, as is the danger of human error. Furthermore, adopting LumenBot saves time and makes it easier for consumers to interact with your platform.

The final and most important phase is optimization. We will monitor the outcomes and impressions of your clients once we have incorporated LumenBot into your organization’s operations so that we can improve the experience in the best way possible. As a result, your LumenBot will never fall behind your company’s or your customers’ expectations.


You’d like to implement LumenBot in your digital channels?

Chatbots are one of the latest trends in digital communication, and implementing one in your organization’s digital channels can prove to be a fruitful strategy. LumenBot is an advanced chatbot that will help you increase your revenue, improve your customer satisfaction, and lower your expenses as you’ll need fewer human resources to keep the conversations with your users running.

And if you’re looking for a trusted partner that can help you bring your ideas to life through a plethora of services such as product development and project management, look no more! Lumen Spei has all the skills and knowledge needed to deliver exactly what your users need.

Reach out to us and let us know what kind of help you need to finalize your ideas!