The Delivery plugin is an e-Commerce plugin that allows you to print labels and deliver shipments to your clients directly and it’s fully compatible with both GLS and DPD services.

It makes the ordering process easier for users by allowing them to choose the delivery day and time that best suits their needs. And all it takes to generate a delivery label is only 1 simple click!

Delivery plugin for GLS and DPD - Lumen Spei case study

The main challenges

The Delivery plugin saves time for all parties involved in the purchase and delivery process. Our Delivery plugin is compatible with GLS and DPD services, the two biggest delivery companies in Europe.

And this was our biggest challenge – how to create a solution for such a complex issue like product delivery and labeling.

It’s safe to say that our Delivery plugin delivers on its promise. It facilitates and speeds up the delivery process for all members – from owners of the webshop through distributors to end-users. This plugin allows you to save time and dedicate it to more important things while it automates the process for you. 


The Delivery plugin is suitable for all types of webshops, regardless of their size and range. A large number of orders results in a large number of deliveries, and the process from order to delivery to the customer involves a certain number of people and processes. Our plugin allows you to save on both human and financial resources.

Install the plugin in less than a minute

One of the benefits of this solution is its format – a WooCommerce plugin. Hence, the installation flows effortlessly. In just a few clicks, you’ll be all set and ready to deliver any kind and number of products with your own labels.

GLS and DPD delivery plugin - Lumen Spei case study

Automatic integration with DPD and GLS

We ensured that you don’t have to go through the hassle of manually connecting to GLS and DPD APIs. Once you install the plugin, a connection will form automatically. Depending on which plugin you download (GLS, DPD, or both), you’ll be connected via API to the delivery company of your choice.

GLS and DPD Delivery plugin - Lumen Spei case study - Automatic integration

Keep your customers in the loop

To make sure that your customers receive the best possible support regarding delivery, we’ve integrated the plugin with the delivery company’s (GLS and/or DPD) SMS service. Your customers will receive SMS notifications regarding delivery wherever they are.

And we aren’t forgetting the tracking codes! Your customers will receive email notifications and tracking codes as soon as it’s possible. We know how tracking packages is and it would be a huge loss if your customers missed out on this feature.

GLS and DPD Delivery plugin - Lumen Spei case study - Keep your customers in the loop

Automated label printing

Your time is your most valuable asset, and with this plugin, we aim to free it up as much as possible. Using the plugin’s label printing feature, your delivery process will become smooth and swift. You’ll finally be able to focus on more pressing matters that deserve your attention.


When can you use our DPD & GLS delivery plugin?

Currently, our DPD plugin is available in Slovenia and Croatia, while the GLS plugin is available in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Austria, and Denmark.

Of course, our plugin will soon be available in many more countries, so keep an eye out for us. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first ones to know which new countries are we expanding to!


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