After successfully delivering several Web 3.0 projects, we have decided to finally create our own branded NFT collection! 

By owning a certain NFT from our collection, the buyer can use it to gain 150% of its value in our development, design, and consulting services! We’ll go in detail on how and why we started this collection and how and where to buy it. Here’s the summary. 

Buy 1 NFT for $500 = Get professional services valued at $750


For now, here’s a quick introduction to NFTs. 

What is an NFT? 

NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, can be defined as cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata. This distinguishes them from other NFTs, being non-fungible as they are.

In short, they have the potential for several use cases. NFTs are often used to represent physical assets like real estate, meaning that by buying an NFT – you can buy real estate (if that certain NFT represents the real estate. And that is all done without intermediaries, so the transaction is hugely simplified.

Similar to our fiat money, cryptocurrencies are usually fungible. Here’s how this works. If you have one Bitcoin, it’s always equal in value to another. And if you have one US dollar, it’s also equal in value to another. 

NFTs, on the other hand, shift this paradigm by making every single token unique and irreplaceable. There are no two same NFTs. They can look the same, but they will have different metadata, identification codes, and maybe even a different value. 

It’s easy to imagine how NFTs could be used in the real world. Imagine having your ID card as an NFT. Or your passport and any other personal document you possess. 

Why did we create the Lumen Spei NFT collection? 

This NFT collection represents our strong commitment and dedication to Web 3.0. 

And what better way to prove that than with a Web 3-themed NFT collection? 

We wanted to give our potential clients and businesses a new way to communicate with us.

It was vital for us to acknowledge Web 3.0 through this collection and to respect the desires of those who wish to go in that direction. 

Whether the goal is to digitally transform an organization or develop an entirely new project on blockchain – we are here for it! 

And to show our clients that we respect their preferences, we allow them to buy our services by buying Lumen Spei NFT through crypto payment. 

It’s a modern and fun way to use our team’s expertise. 

Lumen Spei dropped an NFT collection on OpenSea

Every Lumen Spei NFT you buy can be traded for our specialized services. And to encourage our readers, friends, and partners to buy it – it comes with a bonus!

Every NFT is on sale at the cost of 0.42 ETH, approximately $500. Buying one NFT for $500 enables you to trade it in for $750 worth of our services. In essence, whenever you want to hire our design and development experts, it will cost you 50% cheaper if you buy our NFTs and trade them in. 

How and when can you buy Lumen Spei NFTs?

In short – the sale starts on November 24. Our collection has only 100 NFTs available, so keep in mind that you’ll want to buy yours soon if you need any services from Lumen Spei! 

The collection is up for sale on OpenSea. Here’s the link to check out our collection and buy it

You’ll need a crypto wallet to buy any NFT on OpenSea! We encourage using MetaMask, as it’s one of the most secure crypto wallets today. 

To make the sale, you’ll need to connect your crypto wallet to OpenSea. First-time users may not know what exactly to do, but OpenSea took care of that.

They created a detailed step-by-step guide on buying NFTs, so you have all the needed information in one place.


How to use your Lumen Spei NFT? 

Once you have purchased an NFT from our collection, all you need to do is contact us, prove your ownership of the NFT, and trade it in with us after we confirm you own it. 

At that moment, you’ll have $750 in our specialized services. If you know your project will require much more than that, feel free to buy even more NFTs to accumulate the bonus! 

Our main goal here isn’t high profit but instead bringing awareness to the next-generation technology and one of many utilities it holds. 

If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you in any way we can.

Emily Dobutović